Client Comments

NH Home Inspection Client Comments

Ok, we just got back from our home inspection that Dennis performed. Lets start by saying he is by far superior than any home inspector my family as ever worked with and trust me “DENNIS KNOWS HIS STUFF” not only did he find water damage under the electric meter box as well as soaked sheathing behind the vinyl siding, but he saved me and my wife a lifetime full of headaches. There were many issues he found including mold, furnace problems, water in the oil tank and a radon issue. My father jokingly said to Dennis “If I ever put my home up for sale I hope the potential buyers don’t hire you”, YES he is that good! If there is a problem he will find it. If you need and are looking for an honest truly outstanding home inspector do not hesitate to hire Dennis! he is the man for the job. Thanks Dennis! best money I have ever spent. Pete C, Newmarket, NH

As you recommended, I inquired with the town’s building department about the finished basement in the property I was going to buy. They confirmed that it did not have a permit (as you suspected.) The following is the Building Inspector’s response: “Our Map and Lot file for this property does not include any permits to convert the basement of this condo into living space. Therefore, it is an illegal conversion and may not be considered habitable living space. There are even stricter codes governing use of a space as a bedroom and therefore that also would not be permitted at this time. The present owner, or any purchaser of this property will be responsible for correcting any violations.” The director also said that whoever owns it would have to be responsible for correcting the building violation. This also means the basement can not be counted as a living space, therefore the condo has 500 less square feet and 1 less bedroom, than what it was advertised as. If you didn’t bring this issue up, I might have been involved in some potential problem of correcting the violation in the future when I sell the condo. Thank you for your help, Eun, Durham, NH

We gave the report a close read and acted on the things you brought to our attention. William and I are both very pleased with your work, and will enthusiastically recommend you to other home buyers. We were especially pleased that you stuck with the EPA standards for radon testing, even though both realtors seemed skeptical. We’re glad you make accuracy and knowledge of safety standards a priority. I spoke with the Nashua Electrical Inspector about the circuit panel that you brought up as an issue (I thought if the seller and listing agent wouldn’t listen to a home inspector, maybe they would listen to him). I showed him your picture from the inspection and described what had been done and he was appalled. He verified that it was over-crowded and unsafe and that the panel needed to be replaced. I thought I’d also let you know that other professionals we brought in agreed wholeheartedly with your assessments. Erin Leiserson, Nashua, NH

Brian and I are so glad we found you. We are grateful you were able to work with us. We were very impressed with your thorough investigation of the home and we thank you for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions (we know there were more than enough people following you around!) Your insight was invaluable to us and your pictures were very eye opening. It just doesn’t seem right that an 8 year old home should have this much fungal growth, mold, water seepage and drainage issues. Thank you for your prompt sending of the report and for the ease in which the information is laid out. Thank you again, Brian and Jennifer, Rochester, NH

I’ll surely recommend you to anyone who is in a position to look for a specialist. In my opinion, the benefit of having a truly independent professional is substantial. I’ve had friends who recommended I hire two home inspectors instead of one, others were saying “nobody is good, they all work with real estate agents” and so on. Having you perform my inspection today and reading the detailed report beat all the expectations I had. Alex, Bedford, NH,/p>

Thank you very much for the work you did yesterday. Your calm professional attitude and comprehensive report were very useful to both Rebecca and myself and we appreciate it. We were both completely satisfied and will recommend your services in the future to anyone who asks us! Joseph, Lee, NH

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